Property Tax Assessment Appeal Board


The Board will decide a time and place within the county of each meeting. Approximately 10 to 15 meetings are conducted each year.


Name Role Type Term Term
Michael Feldman
Member Citizen Second 11/1/06 6/2/17
Felix W. Morrison
Member Citizen First 1/17/13 6/2/18
Walter Scanlan
Member Citizen Second 11/1/06 6/2/18
George Weaver
Member Citizen Second 4/19/04 6/2/18


Each Property Tax Assessment Appeals Board consists of three members and one alternate. Members are appointed by the Governor. The Governor names the Chair. Members are paid $25 per hour.


The Commissioner's Office and Liaison submit their nominees to the Commissioners for approval. Once approved the Commissioners send a letter to the Governor’s Appointment Office for his approval and appointment. The Governors Office copies the Commissioners on new appointments.

Term of Office

This is a 5-year term.

Charge / Authority

(Annotated Code of Maryland; Tax Property Article; Title 3. Section 3-101-108)
The Property Tax Assessment Appeals Board shall have jurisdiction over all appeals in its area concerning:
  • Agricultural Land Preservation Easement Program
  • Home Owners' Tax Credit Program
  • Property Tax Assessments
  • Renters' Tax Credit Program
  • Other local tax matters assigned to the board for hearing
This jurisdiction includes but is not limited to appeals concerning local tax credits, local taxes, and special taxing areas.