Accommodations for All Abilities

Caroline County Recreation and Parks encourage individuals with disabilities to participate in recreation programs. CCRP is pleased to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations. Reasonable accommodations for participation are made on an individual basis. The term “inclusion” means that individuals with disabilities are “included” in our recreation programs and summer camps.

Integration does not mean individuals with disabilities will become normal, but rather they will be given every opportunity to fit into society to the greatest extent possible and that society will be more accepting of them.”

Reasonable Accommodations
Reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities are provided upon request. Notification to the department office at the time of registration at least two weeks in advance of the program start date is requested. Certain accommodations, such as the provision of a program companion, require at least four weeks.

Personal & Invasive Services Policies
Services we do not provide include those that are personal in nature such as feeding, toileting, or the changing of clothes. We also do not provide services that are invasive in nature such as injections, catheterization, g-tube feeding. However, we will allow the person who requires such services to bring their own personal care attendant, at no charge, to enable their participation.

Additional Information