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Emergency Medical Services

The Emergency Medical Services Division provides pre-hospital emergency medical services to the citizens of Caroline County. This service operates 24/7, providing advanced and basic life support. Emergency Medical Services:282548310_4995791077137227_1573838660852134236_n

  • Serves as the primary provider of Advanced Life Support services
  • Provides Basic Life Support services augmented by the volunteer Fire / EMS service
  • Provides medical direction and quality assurance for all emergency medical services within Caroline County, including the volunteer service
  • Manages the EMS medical billing and subscription programs

EMS Ambulance Subscription Plans

The Caroline County Emergency Medical Services’ Ambulance Subscription Plan guarantees that in an emergency, you will not be charged for ambulance transportation to the hospital.267667042_4513258582057148_3613953512265812608_n

Even if you have excellent insurance, the cost of ambulance transportation can exceed $600. Starting at just $45 per year for an individual or family of two, this plan ensures that you won’t have any expenses associated with transportation from your home to the hospital in the event of an emergency. The cost for a family of three or more is $75. Businesses with up to five employees can enroll for $100 per year, with each additional employee costing just $10.

Enrollment in the Ambulance Subscription Plan also gives back to the community - funds are used to support Caroline's emergency medical providers, including eight volunteer fire companies and the county paramedics. If you are interested in enrolling in the plan, please visit the Ambulance Subscription Plan page here.

Billing Inquiries

Our medical bil300377377_5252666931449639_4208892923015307284_nling contractor, Medical Claim Aid, will handle all EMS billing inquiries. Please contact Medical Claim Aid regarding specific questions pertaining to your EMS service invoice at 410-479-4790.



Are you interested in serving your community and joining the EMS team? To find out more about available career opportunities as an EMT or Paramedic, please, visit the Jobs Center. Learn more about why Caroline County government is a great place to work by visiting our Office of Human Resource's page.