Mid-Shore Regional Council


  • Meetings occur at least quarterly
  • 8737 Brooks Drive
    Suite 101
    Easton, Maryland 21601


Chuck Callahan 1st Vice Chair 
Frank Bartz 2nd Vice Chair 
Ricky Travers 3rd Vice Chair 
James RedmanSecretary 
Kurt Fuchs
Del. Chris Adams General Assembly 
Del. Jeanne Haddaway-Riccio
Voting Member 
Bill Christopher Voting Member


The members of the organization entitled to vote shall be the following:

  • Members of the General Assembly representing the region
  • One minority leader from each county (three total)
  • One municipal elected official from each county, appointed by their respective municipal corporations
  • One private sector / private citizen from each county (three total)
  • One private sector business person from each county (three total)
  • One representative of the Association of Forestry Industries, Inc.
  • One representative of the Maryland Farm Bureau
  • One representative  of the Maryland Seafood Industries Association
  • Two Caroline County Commissioners
  • Two Dorchester County Council members
  • Two Talbot County Council members

Additional private citizen or public members may be added by the Executive Board. The officers shall consist of the Chairman, First Vice-Chairman, Second Vice-Chairman, Third Vice-Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer.


Appointments are made by the Council at their annual meeting in either November or December of each year. The County Commissioners must provide written notification to the Council prior to the annual meeting as to which members will be serving as voting members for that year.

Term of Office

The amount of time a member may hold their membership is not defined in the law. The Council allows it's members to be active for as long as they remain active in their mission and until which time the member chooses to resign. New officers are chosen in December of each year.

Charge / Authority

(Maryland Code, Economic Development Article, Title 13, Subtitle 9)
The Council shall operate as a Cooperative Planning and Development Agency within the area of Caroline, Dorchester, and Talbot Counties to foster the physical, economic, and social development of the region and utilize effectively the assistance provided by the State or other public or private source. It shall initiate and coordinate plans and projects for the development of human and economic resources of the region as a Mid-shore Regional Planning and Development Agency.