Basic Life Support Committee

Name Role Type Term Term
Bryan Ebling Ex-Officio Emergency Services Director N/A N/A N/A
Crissy Bartz Member Goldsboro Fire Company
(Station 700)
Second 10/5/10 10/5/16
John Chalupa Member QA/Hillsboro Fire Company (Station 80) First 12/17/13 12/17/16
Tom Frankhouse Member Denton Fire Company 
(Station 300)
Second 10/5/10 10/5/16

Diane Garey Member Preston Fire Company 
(Station 200)
Second 10/5/10 10/5/16
Fletch Gowen Member Greensboro Fire Company
(Station 600)
First 12/17/13 12/17/16
Denise Madden Member Marydel Fire Company 
(Station 56)
Second 10/5/10 10/5/16
Kathy Jo Marvel Member Ridgely Fire Company
(Station 400)
First 12/17/13 12/17/16
Dawn Ramey Member Federalsburg Fire Company 
(Station 100)
Second 10/5/10 10/5/16
The committee shall consist of the following members:
  • The committee shall consist of one representative of each of the following participating ambulance services:
    • Denton Volunteer Fire Company
    • Federalsburg Volunteer Fire Company
    • Goldsboro Volunteer Fire Company
    • Greensboro Volunteer Fire Company
    • Marydel Volunteer Fire Company
    • Preston Volunteer Fire Company
    • Queen Anne - Hillsboro Volunteer Fire Company
    • Ridgely Volunteer Fire Department
  • The director of Caroline County Department of Emergency Medical Services
  • The director of Caroline County Department of Emergency Management
Term of Office
Members will serve a three-year term.

Charge / Authority
(Caroline County Government Resolution #2000-017)

The committee is responsible for completing the following tasks:
  • Develop and approve BLS standard operating procedures (SOPs) that shall be integrated with, and not in conflict with, EMS SOPs. (Caroline County Government Resolution #2000-017)
  • Interview prospective candidates for employment in the Caroline County BLS Enhancement Program, and make recommendations on hiring to the County Commissioners
  • Prepare and submit to the County Commissioners an annual budget for the BLS Enhancement Program
  • Review and recommend contractual services for the BLS Enhancement Program